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AMWA Northern California Chapter, 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming this year’s board members. Our board members truly welcome your thoughts and questions so please don’t hesitate to write. Please note that the email addresses below have been spelled out so as to discourage spam.

Northern California Officers

President: Sandra Ruhl, RN
Email: president (at)

Vice President: Andrea Johnson, BA
Email: vice-president (at)

Immediate Past President: Nancy Katz, PhD, MWC
Email: immediate-past-pres (at)

Secretary: Barbara Arnoldussen, DBA, MBA, RN
Email: secretary (at)

Treasurer: Rose Tomey, BA
Email: treasurer (at)

Northern California Chapter Leaders

Chapter Program Committee Chair: Maggie Norris, BSc
Email: program-chair (at)

Chapter Program Committee Members: Barbara Arnoldussen, Nancy Katz, Leslie Kowitz, Caren Rickhoff, and Sandra Ruhl

Pacemaker Newsletter, Editor: Mimi Wessling, PhD
Email: pacemaker.editor (at)

Communications Committee Chair: Snehal Mohile, MBBS, MD (candidate), CPhT
Email: communications (at)

Communications Committee Members: Michele Anderson, Suzanne Canada, Nisha Nair, Abe Jellinek, Caren Rickhoff, Sandra Ruhl, and Mimi Wessling

Membership Committee Chair: Suzanne Canada, PhD
Email: membership (at)

Chapter Website: webmaster (at)

Jobs List Administrator: Nisha Nair, BDS, M.Sc, MBA
Email: jobs-administrator (at)